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    1 day old campani next to 1 day old lateralis (carpet)

    way to go Kevin, its amazing how small the campani actually are.
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    Carpets, Quads, Hoes and acuminatus

    Looking good Kevin, especially that little Acu =]
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    Cameroon Pygmy Help!

    The habitat appears to be okay for most pygmy species. The one thing I would suggest would be to remove the bowl in the bottom of the tank. It appears to be a water bowl? If thats the case remove it. We have to remember that a pygmys form of self defense is to "play dead" and mimmic a leaf...
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    Rhampholeon Acuminatus-Canvas Chams

    Might lol, definately will hahaha
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    Rhamphoelon acuminatus and virdis care questions?

    Mikael, I can not offer any advice for Virdis, however we do keep a few Acuminatus. We house our pairs in Exo Terra living vivariums with aquarium chiller fans above each enclosure to keep temperatures cool and to keep air circulating to help prevent respiratory infections. Singles are in...
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    Furcifer Campani - Jeweled Chameleon - Photographs

    Love every last one of these!
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    Rhampholeon Acuminatus-Canvas Chams

    Thanks Melissa! Were looking forward for some of them too. Hopefully all goes well!
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    Rhampholeon Acuminatus-Canvas Chams

    I just love waking up to find new beautful eggs! This little mamma worked hard to get these out. :)
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    New Guy Here

    Try to take different pictures to confirm
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    New Guy Here

    In my opinion the top picture appears to be a female, and the bottom picture appears to be an adolescent male.
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    F. campani hatched-and other pics :)

    Way to go Kevin!! Hopefully our little campani can have "play dates" in the future =]
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    Furcifer Campani Hatching - Canvas Chameleons

    Thats our goal Kate! :D
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    Experience with Blue Bottle Flies from Mantisplace

    Talk to CarlC, he orders there weekely and never has any issues.
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