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    My mood chameleon

    Is she gravid / egg bearing? does she have an egg laying bin?
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    My panther:) Ambilobe?

    he started this one..asking what local the chameleon was.....why would he start another?! o.o well...if I had to say he is an ambanja..ive never seen an ambilobe with so much blue...but...that doesnt rule out the possibility. im far from an expert.. x.x
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    Mist King vs AquaZamp

    RainDome creates both fog and raindrops.
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    Blood smear/ WC F. pardalis/ parasites..

    I actually work at a medical research company and I am a microscopy technician, specializing in live blood analysis through the microscope :) I can say parasites are fairly common in live blood.. (you should have seen mine after getting back from Nigeria) although you rarely if ever see any...
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    Albus. Ambilobe

    he is awesome!
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    My new ambilobes!

    gotta use a different link than the facebook links hehe...sorry!
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    Vitamin A , supplements & showers? Paranoid new mommy :)

    I remembered where I got that vitamin A reference from... Chameleons Their Care and Breeding by Linda J. Davison One quote even says... "Vitamin A should be avoided like the plague... Beta Carotene has replaced this lizard killer in several products" However they didnt seem to know of the...
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    Vitamin A , supplements & showers? Paranoid new mommy :)

    dang Rob you beat me to the finish about the betacarotene... :D
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    Vitamin A , supplements & showers? Paranoid new mommy :)

    Actually I read from a guy who was a research scientist specializing in chameleons that they do not convert beta carotene to Vitamin A...but also synthetic sources of Vitamin A had a tendancy to cause Gout. For what its worth the eggs in the female crickets you feed em have the bioavailable...
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    Mist King vs AquaZamp

    I think the concept behind the RainDome and the price/performance difference is what sets AquaZamp apart. Im going aquazamp myself.
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    How long can a female panther retain sperm??

    good to know ^_^;
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    How long can a female panther retain sperm??

    Ill attempt to answer you even though Im still in the "researching" phase... according to what Ive read...viable sperm can maintain in a panther for up to a year (extremely rare). The thing is..with each subsequent clutch the number of fertile eggs declines dramatically. Personal decision has...
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    Panther Breeding Advice

    I find playing some Barry White can help set the mood...also dont try while there are any major sporting events going on (world playoffs...etc) and finally you can always feed him a tequila worm..that does the trick but Id put pads beneath the branches so he doesnt hurt himself...
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    Nosy Faly X Ambanja Chameleon feeding on crickets

    Hes really cool looking, nice color combo.
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    How Big should he be?

    most panthers tend to start getting their deeper colors 5-7 months out. I think that yours is exactly as you have said about 4 months.
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