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    For sale - Terry Thatcher custom built chameleon tank

    Hi all, I am selling my chameleon tank for a very low price. I no longer have my lovely girl and since moving house don't have space for another just yet. I simply just want to get rid of it for the room. The size is 36x18x36 inches and is fully mesh apart from a black plastic base. We paid...
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    This is my most nightmare subject, currently Tilly my female veiled is receiving treatment for lack of poop amongst a few other things. So far it's been over 3 weeks and doesn't look like she's going anytime soon. Normally it was about every 2nd / 3rd day but then as she got older and her...
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    She is getting better and pretty

    Cute! My Tilly had a growth on her mouth too just like it. Vet tried to get blood etc and figured it was nothing to worry about but advised to get it removed anyway just incase, it was in exactly the same place and said it could affect her opening and closing of the mouth if left to grow. He...
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    Poorly Tilly

    Thanks Jann, She's still in at the moment. If she doesn't have a bowel movement soon who knows what kind of condition she will be in. Opening her up is an option but this is something I do not want to do since having her spayed. She's getting older now so I don't think this is fair to her.
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    Help! 7 month old Chameleon having issues for 2 days

    Not an expect but I would say she's getting ready to lay. My female veiled always used to get really pissy on the run up to a shed also. She was always irritable!
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    Poorly Tilly

    Hi Carlton, She definitely needs to poop the vet saw it on her xrays etc. and she doe shave a general problem in that area which we're trying to control. She did have some crickets again that night but Saturday we came home to find her on the floor on her back with her legs in the air...
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    Poorly Tilly

    UPDATE!! She's just eaten a few crickets. First sign of progress but can anyone please help on my original post? Thanks
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    Poorly Tilly

    Hi everyone, If you remember, Tilly was pretty poorly a few months back and she was spayed but also very constipated. She's since been on a daily lactulose diet and things have been running smoothly. Until now... She will not eat (very unusual!!), shes drinking lot's (again very unusual)...
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    Tilly Update

    Ok guys, well I'm going to start giving Tilly the lactulose today.
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    Tilly Update

    Can anybody help?
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    Tilly Update

    Hi everyone, Well I'm just updating you on Tilly since her operation. As you know she was spayed and the vet did a great job and she recovered fine. Then...she has been back and forth to the vets as she's still constipated. She's had an enema, and last Thursday we rushed her in to the vet...
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    Not Drinking Water

    I do the dropping water on the nose trick and it's the only way we can see Tilly drinking. Saying that she does drink when we're not there. I could never wear red around Tilly she used to freak out but she seems better with it now.
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    Check Up Day

    It's Tilly's check up today after she had her op last week. She's doing great but hasn't pooped yet. The vet did say she was constipated so we shall see how it goes. He will probably get her pooping but if this keeps happening is there anything I can do?
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    Surgery Day Today

    Hi, It is Metacam that shes on. Thing is she will not get mad enough for me to administer it haha. She's just a giant big green fuss pot!
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    Surgery Day Today

    Sure I can't remember the name of it and I'm at work at the moment so I'll check when I get home. I got up this morning and it was great to have my hallway lit up by Tilly's lights, just reminded me that Tilly is home. I ran straight down the see her and she was doing just fine. The vet is...
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