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    inter species panther cham breeding

    I really think it goes both ways. All the locales look great pure, however mixing them together also produces awesome unique individuals with insane colors. I think it's important to be honest with females locale and purity.
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    So yesterday I placed some strawberries in Dubai colony. Tonight I look in there and I see very small white things on all the berries. They don't seem to be on the roaches at all, only on the fruit. However there are alot of them, I'm not sure what they are? If I was to guess I would prob say...
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    black crickets

    Look at the thread Jamaican field cricket, if those are the crickets you have it's a must read!
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    black crickets

    There's been a few threads on those, be carefull! They can bite you and your cham so I would definitely cup feed, only giving a few at a time. If you do a search you will see a couple of people that have been bitten, looks like it hurts!
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    Great Tool for Making Gutload!

    That's a sweet mix! Sure it will be in da clubs soon!
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    Jamaican Field Cricket?

    Black cricket vs. Camel spider My $ on the cricket!
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    In the wild they eat bees and spiders. I have fed mine a few bees but have pulled the stinger out first, I would feel horrible if by some chance something stung him and was hurt!
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    Cham suddenly mean?? Help

    Maybe he's wanting some female companionship ?!!:D
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    i know i talked crap,

    Fo sho!! Glad you didn't walk out this time!
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    Don't tango with the rango
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    I have had it!

    I have to wait till it cools down here before I can do the vented big storage box thing. Already have it built. I live in a condo so I don't have alot of space. And let's face it my wife would probably kick me out for bringing that huge loud stank container in our place!!! And I don't have the...
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    Rango was awesome! You have to appreciate the original western like theme and every character was very thought out. Watch the behind the scenes and I think you will like understand what they were doing in this movie. Plus you have to love the cameo of "fear and loathing" in it! Maybe not for...
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    I have had it!

    Just started trying to breed myself... Wow these guys are stinky!! I put some activated carbon on the top lid to try and keep the foul smell down!
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    This really grinds my gears...

    Put the lock on today! Maybe there's somekind of underground network for a/c fuses?! I start looking on eBay/craigslist maybe I can track it down!!;)
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    This really grinds my gears...

    It's getting locked up asap! It could be so much worse, we just got back from vacation a few days ago. If they did it while we were gone, my sons Cham....
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