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    600 grams

    He's awesome!
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    Male OE parsonii

    He's awesome! Looks good.
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    Look at what I got back today

    LOL! That is awesome! I would totally buy that on eBay or target.
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    Terrible tongue trouble

    What ever you do rescue mom don't give up! You are doing great. If he is pigging out on hornworms he will be good. I personally would focus on hydration and like someone said earlier 2x a month on the d3. I personally do calcium every other day for my parsonii.
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    Terrible tongue trouble

    I have a female parsons that was born with a bad tongue. I honestly believe she has vision problems she can shoot her tongue it is slower. 95 percent she misses. I hand feed her every single day I also use a dripper every day and visually make sure she is drinking. Your poor boy looks very...
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    Paul jr. Color

    That's what I am waiting for that blue color. I have had him since September he has gotten bigger just patiently waiting for him to change. Maybe Paul Jr is a late bloomer!
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    Paul jr. Color

    Yup. His rostrals are coming in great. I'm just curious I know there are a lot of other males out there that color up much faster. I'm sure by spring he will morph.
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    Paul jr. Color

    Bad pic he's hunting!
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    Paul jr. Color

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    Paul jr. Color

    Oops sorry. He is an orange eye. He was hatched in may of 2015 so a little over a year and a half. He does have blue green hues when sleeping. Not everywhere but a little bit.
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    Paul jr. Color

    Hi everyone it has been a while since I've stopped to say hello. Quick question to the parsons keepers. Is Paul jr. Ever going to change to a greenish blue hue? He still has his adolescent colors. He is doing great and eating like a porker! I tried to put a photo up but it says the app can do...
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    Comment by 'deerhunter' in media 'Atlas is thinking. . .'

    WOW! He is a Brute! Very nice looking parsonii. Nice job.
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    Larger than life 40x30 Jacksons Chameleon in charcoal !!!

    You truly have a gift!!! Love it!(y)
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    Got a big question for you I am confused

    Did you by chance walk in on her while laying and spook her possibly? Just a thought.
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    Oh, no my entry in the October photo contest I screwed up when I entered my parsons.

    Oh, no my entry in the October photo contest I screwed up when I entered my parsons.
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