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    Bedding to moist?

    i have some eggs and have been using vermiculite. mixed the vermiculite with water, then squeezed out the excess water with my hands so it was wet and stuck together but not soaked and dripping. put each egg from the laying bid into the vermiculite, with a little pressure to set it in there. put...
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    how in the heck...

    No fire hazard, the light is a 40w and the fixture is really big so the bulb itself sits a good 3-4 inches away from the screen/wood plank. Thanks! i will tell him you said so :D
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    how in the heck...

    I got some small pieces of wood and layed them over the frame on the top of the cage. then screwed some hooks through the screen into the wood and it works great, been going a year strong. heres some pix Hello Hope this helps!
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    My Five months old Ambilobe

    Amazing looking cham, never seen one quite like him. I like someone nailed it with the highlighter colors reference
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    Anyone else?

    Adult male parsons poo must be huge!
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    Baby panthers!

    Sorry if the pics are kinda big. There are 2 kissing in the background in this one :D Close up So tiny
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    Baby panthers!

    Thanks! weve had 26 hatch in a matter of 3 days, with one lonely egg to go. its been 2 days so we dont think hes gonna hatch but we are going to leave him be. There are actually 17 in that picture, 8 on that vine in the front alone lol.
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    Baby panthers!

    Long time since ive posted but we have some babies my Gf and i would like to share! we have more pictures upon request.
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    Chams on BuzzFeed!

    lol i saw that on the frontpage of yesterday. Super awesome picture!
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    My cage and drain system.

    might want to consider covering the dirt with some large rocks. :D
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    How does my cage setup look?

    i really like the way that umbrella plant is grown/trimmed. looks great in that cage!. but yeah could use some lower level foliage.
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    FIRE FL Reptile Show

    cool post, i wish there were more events like this in my area.
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    do Christmas lights produce UVB?!
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    At wits end

    Hey Sean, i was just reading through this post and its unfortunate that little Herbie is acting the way he is. I would possibly be willing to help you with the situation, as you know i live in the Richardson area too and could possibly take herbie on id have to talk to my GF first but you should...
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    Male (possibly female) panther chameleon? Sexing info...

    That 2nd pic is great, shes all "what, you dont want me to climb the curtain!?"
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