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    Chrissy - did you get her to a vet?

    We took her to the vet.. she has an infection. She was bleeding from her eye and it was surrounded in puss. The vet said there was nothing he could do for her because she was in such bad shape, but he knew I did my best with her and tried to calm me down. He also told me she has mbd. He asked of...
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    Eye problem

    Sorry, in all the confusion of me job hunting and taking care of her I missed the two questions. Yes, they're gut loaded crickets. I feed them veggies that my beardie doesn't eat. Meaning before they go bad and I have a ton left, I throw it in there tank along with a potatoe. I dust them with...
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    Eye problem

    Okay, the the thing in the bottom right hand corner is her waterfall. She loves that thing. Last night I dangled crickets in front of her good eye and she doesn't want to eat. But she's still moving around. The bottom of her tank is paper toweling. She seems to be going to the bathroom just...
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    Eye problem

    Help please? She's not doing too well. I put crickets in with her and she hasn't been eating either. I'm extremely worried to the point that I don't want to go to work tomorrow and take her to the vet. I've been misting her like crazy and it doesn't seem to be helping. :(
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    Eye problem

    I've been misting her eye all morning until I had to go to a wedding. I closed all the windows, turned on her lights and covered part of her cage so the humidity would rise. Now that I'm home it's still closed. I misted it for about two mintues, then she climbed down her branch and sat there as...
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    Eye problem

    My chameleon is having the same problem right now. But everytime I mist her she goes crazy! I'm making sure to use warm water also. The white gooey skin came off, but her eye is still closed and looks sucked in. I'm not sure what to do. And to make matters worse it is Sunday and there's no vets...
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    best type of chameleon?

    She was when I got her. She was always dark and wouldn't move. Now she's as bright as ever and moves around her cage like crazy! What a turn around. But, sadly, she had the shakes when she first got home. I'm guessing it's a sign of mbd. :( I'm trying my best, and keeping a positive attitude...
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    best type of chameleon?

    My first Cham was a Senegal Chameleon. They're so steardy and are available in alot of pet stores. She was the sweetest temperment and even drinks from the droplets on her misting bottle. :) I haven't owned a veiled yet, so I can't speak for them. Hopefully I will soon enough!
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    I know there's a website out there that lists and shows pictures of all known Chameleon species. Does anyone have that site? :confused: I've been to it before, I just lost the link. I think it had a drop down menu of the each species name.
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    Repti 10.0 - good?

    I have the repti 10.0 for my Bearded Dragon who is currently in a 10 gal (don't worry he's a baby and moves along just fine, lol), and I bought the larger fixture and bulb so when it's time for a bigger tank I won't have to buy a bigger light as well. But here's my question, is the 10 too much...
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    From this website what do you guys think is the best are out of the selection? I'll be baseing my purchase with your guys' input. I'll be needing a new bulbs for everything! And I'm also purchasing a bearded dragon. If any of you out there are bearded owners, which would be best for them, too...
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    tank setup help

    My chameleon loves her "waterfall". We bought a pump from our petstore and also got two large rocks and a plastic tub. The pumps runs water onto the rocks, then into the plastic tub. She loves either laying on the rocks, or climbing on a branch we set up over the fountain to get a drink. :) We...
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    In need of a new guy. (:

    So my jobs been doing really well, and it looks like I have another job coming to me even better! So I thought nows the time for another chameleon that I can care for. My chameleon, Kairi, is doing so well. Even though she's a little cranky most of the time. :D But now I'm looking for a veiled...
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    Update on sick Cham.

    She quessed that she was sick before I got her, because the infection got her so quick. I'm guessing she fell due to her missing toe. She didn't take any blood tests/xrays because she was fine after they cleaned out her eye. She was bright as ever, then all of a sudden she left us. Their tank...
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    Update on sick Cham.

    The Vet called this morning to let me know my Cham passed away. She cleaned her eye, and everything looked okay. Then she started an infection in her foot which got her fast. I'm really upset. For the short time I had her I really got attached. She was such a sweet thing. Now her friend, Kairi...
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