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From this website what do you guys think is the best are out of the selection? I'll be baseing my purchase with your guys' input. I'll be needing a new bulbs for everything! And I'm also purchasing a bearded dragon. If any of you out there are bearded owners, which would be best for them, too? Thanks a bunch. :D
The best I've heard is the Zoo Med Repti-sun 5.0 ( 113&cp=2&Nao=12&sku=481297&familyID=6352& ) or the new 10.0. But for 35 dollars heh thats kinda steep.

If you check out they have some repti-suns for $13.99 + $7.95 shipping= $21.94 for the Repti-sun 5.0 ( The 10.0 is $19.99 I think.

As for heating, just go to your local hardware store and buy a dome reflector for your basking lights like this one here They are cheap, and you only need regular bulbs that you use in your house for those, or you can get flood lights, which I what I use (60 watter).

Hope I didn't confuse you :p :D
I agree with Drake. Save some money and order online. lllreptile also has zoomed bulbs for $13.99.
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