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I know there's a website out there that lists and shows pictures of all known Chameleon species. Does anyone have that site? :confused: I've been to it before, I just lost the link. I think it had a drop down menu of the each species name.

I just looked at the adcham page that Drake provided and under the furcifer pardalis (panthers) description, it listed several of the subspecies but Ambilobe was not listed, I know its probably because it was actually a different name, but can someone account for that. The only thing I see is the "unidentified" pictures on the link that they say are AKA Picasso? Interesting.

By the way, thanks for the links, they are great.
A Picasso is actually considered an Ambilobe; the person who first found this locale gave them the name "Picasso" because of their array of colorations. Picasso, is actually a "designer" name. However, there are some "Picasso" panther chameleons that are still on the market that were actually from that importer. I happen to have a few. I just put them under my Ambilobe Breeder pages.

It's the same with the name Mafana/Soabana, which is actually a Nosy Mitsio, as they are located on the island of Nosy Mitsio.

I explain a bit about "designer" names on

Also, on that page is a description of colorations you may find in the different locales, although, I have yet to put up pictures of each. That is in my future planning. :)
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