Update on sick Cham.


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The Vet called this morning to let me know my Cham passed away. She cleaned her eye, and everything looked okay. Then she started an infection in her foot which got her fast. I'm really upset. For the short time I had her I really got attached. She was such a sweet thing. Now her friend, Kairi is alone in their tank. I'm not sure if I should purchase another Cham. Can you guys give me ideas on what I should do? Kairi really liked laying next/climbing on Jasmine. If I do buy another Cham, I'm hoping for a Veiled. :( I tried, that's all I could do. Right?
Well done for taking your sick cham to see a vet, I am sorry that there isn't a happy ending there though:( . Do not worry about the other cham being on its own, it may be hard for us to understand (as us humans are social) but your remaining chameleon will probably prefer a viv to itself as they are territorial creatures. Chameleons do not crave company and often view another chameleon as competition for food etc.
Sorry to hear about your chameleon :(

Before purchasing a new chameleon, I would recommend perfecting your current animal's setup. This would include a new screened cage and possibly other additions. Did your vet give any explanation as to why the chameleon fell? Any xrays or blood tests?
She quessed that she was sick before I got her, because the infection got her so quick. I'm guessing she fell due to her missing toe. She didn't take any blood tests/xrays because she was fine after they cleaned out her eye. She was bright as ever, then all of a sudden she left us. Their tank has everything they need, but I'm going to purchase new plants and rocks for the waterfall to change it up a bit. :(
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