Repti 10.0 - good?


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I have the repti 10.0 for my Bearded Dragon who is currently in a 10 gal (don't worry he's a baby and moves along just fine, lol), and I bought the larger fixture and bulb so when it's time for a bigger tank I won't have to buy a bigger light as well. But here's my question, is the 10 too much for my chameleon? She's still young. And do you know a place online I can purchase the a uvb bulb, not the long, just a regular bulb? It'll probably be better for her that way instead of the long one across the top of her house. Replies appreciated. :D
you should get a 7.o for your dragon because that is made for desert lizards. the 10.0 would be good for it in a big cage they have an effective range of 24in and 5.0 only have a 12in range
Does anyone have any ideas on where to purchase the Reptisun 10.0 long fluorscent bulbs? The only place online I'm finding is Big Apple (which I've never used) and my local pet stores don't seem to carry that bulb.
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