In need of a new guy. (:


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So my jobs been doing really well, and it looks like I have another job coming to me even better! So I thought nows the time for another chameleon that I can care for. My chameleon, Kairi, is doing so well. Even though she's a little cranky most of the time. :D But now I'm looking for a veiled. Any breeders that everyone feels comfortable with? :cool:
I would also reccomend FLchams, as that's where I purchased my Veiled from. The Kammer's and Bluebeast Reptile also have some great Veileds, from an assortment of blood lines. :D Good luck with your search!
Krammers were all too young for me. I just got my little veiled from FLchams and I think Tara did too. Very good customer service and if you look at his breeder he is very beautiful. Also someone has pictures on their gallery of a grown up veiled from that breeder also great animal.
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