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    When is it safe to sell pygmy hatchlings?

    Hi all :) I have 2 newly hatched R. Brevs that I just don't have the space to keep until adulthood. My question is, when is it safe to sell them? Is it even possible to ship babies this small? They are both eating and drinking well, but I am just not sure when it would be safe to ship them...
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    Success with ExoTerra Terrarium?

    bump! I was wondering the exact same thing :) I have a large, heavily planted terrarium that I wanted to keep pygmy chameleons in, but it seems that finding them right now is damn near impossible! Would a Jackson's live well in a vented terrarium? Are there other species that are suited for...
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    Looking for any species Pygmy Chams

    I am currently looking to buy a group of pygmy chams, 1.3 or 1.2. I don't particularly care what species but I would prefer CB over WC, though this isn't an absolute must. I have a setup stable and ready to go :) Respond here, PM me, or email me at [email protected] Thanks!!
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    Pygmy cham food

    Fruit flies and pinhead crickets would be great for baby and young pygmy chameleons but once mine get older these items are far to small for them. I feed my pygmys 1/4 inch crickets, tiny silkworms and the occasional moth and even more occasional wax worm.
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    Pygmie Chameleon Lifespan

    Does anyone have a good source of information about the lifespans of pygmie chameleons? I have only owned a trio of these. I got all three last January. They were wild caught and I got them as adults.. (or at least I believe, as they didn't get much bigger and only have shed twice since...
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    Surprise Baby! I need advice, please.

    I sifted through the crickets for my other chameleons and picked out the littlest ones to give to him for now.. i haven't seen him eat yet.. i will have fruit flies but not until tuesday! What about ants? There are a million of them around there.. anyone ever try them for chams? Just the...
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    Surprise Baby! I need advice, please.

    Well, I just moved her from a 30 gallon high to a 10 gallon about 3 months ago.. so it couldn't have been that long! He is freaking adorable though.. does anyone know how much baby care differs from adult care?
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    Surprise Baby! I need advice, please.

    Last January, I purchased 3 baby bearded pygmie chameleons. I had 2 females and one male. One of the females died the day after I received them. The male unfortunately died just a few months later. So, I have had this little girl pygmie all by herself for about 14 months. Today, I mist her...
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    caught a beetle....can I feed it to my cham?

    I fed june bugs to my chameleons all last summer with no ill effects. Having said that though, feeding wild caught bugs always carries the risk of transferring parasites to your cham. You must also be careful not to collect them from areas that use pesticides. Other than that though, I catch...
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    Raising Ofelia the Veiled Chameleon

    Perhaps the prevalence of MBD in veileds is caused by the greater availability to the average person with no chameleon knowledge. It may seem more dominant in veileds because in general, veileds are more common in captivity. Many of them are poorly started out, sold in a pet store by people...
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    dubia males?

    I have only had a problem with dubia eating each others wings when they weren't getting enough moisture and/or protein. Try throwing a hard boiled egg in if you are having this problem. Also be sure that they always have plenty of things to provide a moisture source.
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    Lady Bugs

    Nope.. they are poisonous :)
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    Best fruit for attracting flies?

    banana and sweet potato that are overly ripe.. almost to the point of rotting.. are both good at attracting fruit flies
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    Concerns for Pygmy Cham

    Perhaps the 8.0, even if it is very old, is providing too strong a UVB amount. This could certainly cause eye problems and could cause the chameleons to try to hide in the bottom where it doesn't reach as far. Just a thought.
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    Dwarf Chameleon Acting Drunk

    Pygmie chams are definitely not known for their sure footing. They don't seem to move as confidently as other species of chameleons and their grip isn't as strong. These tiny guys aren't fast movers. Putting them on a surface with absolutely nothing to grip onto (such as a bowl) is sure to...
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