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    Out grown Horn worm

    6" hornworm!? I don't believe it til I see it. If that were true, do not turn it loose!
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    Hatching Hornworm eggs?

    Sure is a cute little stick insect! Was it from a wild caught stick? Your hornworm eggs are definitely about to hatch!
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    Hornworm & Zebra Silkworm Eggs

    All hornworm eggs sold out, Silkworm eggs are all still available. I do not sell food for these caterpillars - I make my own for both and although both hornworm chow and silkworm chow are made from top ingredients, I do not want to get into making it in bulk right now. Thank you for asking...
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    Hornworm & Zebra Silkworm Eggs

    I have Hornworm eggs that are being laid NOW and need to go (I can't feed off several hundred 4" hornworms!) I also have hundreds of Zebra Silkworm eggs that were laid in the early summer and have been properly diapaused. I have had around a 99% hatch rate with the Silkworm eggs. My...
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    Here we go again

    I have been raising mine just as you have been and with great success. One thing I would like to add: if you can afford the time, try to feed the young silkworms 3-4 times per day. I used to have the little fuzzy ones dry up on me...I thought they were just sick - it was really that I wasn't...
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    Silkworm eggs brown. Fridge or wait?

    And you find that they hatch within a reasonable time after pulling them out?
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    Silkworm eggs brown. Fridge or wait?

    I have about 40 female moths laying eggs right now and the eggs have just started to change from yellow to brown. Is it time to refrigerate them or should I wait until they change color even further? I ask because I went through half a dozen posts with conflicting information about when to...
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    Worms in Dubia colony

    Those little white things up in the corner look like Phorid fly larvae. My bins usually get these around summer time and I just cut back on fruits and veggies and most wet material until they clear up.
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    Coastal Silkworms Ordering

    Could you describe the incubator that you have setup? Sounds like you did the smart thing only hatching a portion of them at a time!
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    silkworm breeding

    Does your day old chow not turn to a crisp chunk like toast? Maybe I'm preparing it differently....
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    what is the best way to feed out banana roaches

    How are you raising them by the way? I don't know of any other way to feed them off than by hand...probably wouldn't want to turn any loose in the enclosure.
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    I have a moth!!!

    Whoa! It's taking 2 months for the caterpillars to reach full size? Hey could you post picture(s) in your thread of the current size and how old they are (the latest batch you are raising?)
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    R. temporalis cage

    Where's the chameleon? ;)
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    I am in need of silkworm food but on a budget...

    By the way, where did you purchase your eggs?
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    I am in need of silkworm food but on a budget...

    I've picked a few dandelion leaves from the back yard...however the young silkworms don't seem to want it yet...I'll try again when they are bigger.
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