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    Ambanja Cham

    so I've been trying to find a new ambanja Cham for our empty cage. I have been emailing multiple breeders and have not really gotten any replies. Anybody have any advice of where to go to get a Cham or what.
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    Reptile Shows

    Ive been to a few such as Hamburg and Maryland. Just curious if there are any vendors going to the York reptile show this Sunday in York, PA. Its a nice drive for me and don't want to waste my time when I have a great cham breeder close by that I can go through. Thoughts on how the show...
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    Wtb year old female red or blue bar ambilobe

    Title says it have cash in hand. Looking to hopefully buy locally in the tri state area. Text is much faster then the site. Thanks Chris 215-932-2388
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    Aquazamp rain dome or similar

    Was looking forward to purchasing the aquazamp but i don't think they are in business any longer. Looking for anything similar that is available for purchase or anybody selling on ASAP. Thank for any and all info... Wanna keep these guys nice and hydrated...
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    WTT - Male Blue Bar Ambilobe For Female

    To the top.
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    WTT - Male Blue Bar Ambilobe For Female

    Willing to also buy a 7-8 months female also if anything is available pm me ASAP. Thank you.
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    WTT - Male Blue Bar Ambilobe For Female

    Title says it all. Looking to trade for a female. I have two males and want to have one of each. He is about 6-7 months old and showing some fantastic colors. Looking for someone hopefully local or willing to meet halfway, do not want to ship. Messages will be answered asap. Located just outside...
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    Can anyone tell if my jackson is male or female?

    Looks like a male to me
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    Questions of Acclimation

    Looks like your light is melting your background. That would have to be ridiculously hot to do that. Just a though.
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    Ambilobe Panther not projecting tongue

    Figured as much. It s what it is. He has excellent colors and as long as you have a feeder box in the cage with him and put the cricket or dubias in there. He will be fine. He will eventually catch them when he's gets hungry enough. I am purchasing a new Cham from canvas chameleons. Great...
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    Ambilobe Panther not projecting tongue

    He sees them fine. When one is across the cage he bolts over and tries to catch it with his mouth. He shoots his tongue every time now but as you saw misses high. I try and leave the cricket further away when I hold them and he just manages to find a way to get close or just stares at it if he...
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    Ambilobe Panther not projecting tongue

    What name is the liquid calcium? Where can it be purchased or is it only through a vet?
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    Ambilobe Panther not projecting tongue

    I did all that for the last month I've had him and still nothing. This is what I got. Guess he will never be a free hunter just a cup feeder. It is what it is.
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    vines and branches from michaels

    I actually just used the same branches from michaels. Sanded them lightly to help with traction. My guy has been walking on them fine the entire time even when soaked. Here's a shot before it is completely finished. Still adding more foliage and moved the plant down a little. Also more climbing...
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    Ambilobe Panther not projecting tongue

    Mine actually wouldn't shoot his tongue at all. I believe I have a video up on here. I actually gave vitamin with d3 for a week straight and went back to the regular schedule. Seemed to help a bit but now at this point. Hopefully it gets fully better.
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