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    Bearded dragons.?

    My friend keeps beardies, as long as the tank is about 3-4 long and at least 2 ft tall it should be fine.
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    What is your view on vivariums

    Viv exotics are quite good, that's what I started with,
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    What is your view on vivariums

    I started wood and glass then when he got bigger and I had more cash I done a proper custom screen viv set up from Terry thatcher, Is hard to find info in the uk tho, just keep posting threads Az
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    Limbo Update :D

    Just a male vielid, Have only been keeping him a year, so just gettin started, WILL be getting more though, great pet with great return wish had got him Years ago, Az
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    Panther's mid-life crisis color change?

    Maybe he's Jason and that's his technicolored dream coat? Wicked colour in all ur pics, quite jelous.
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    Limbo Update :D

    Oh forgot to say, wicked Cham 
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    Limbo Update :D

    Sorry it's off topic but are orchids ok to put in with any Cham coz have always wanted to put one in my cage for a bit of colour? Sorry again for being off topic Cheers aaron
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    Oh No!! Tobias...NOT a happy Veiled!~

    Cool pic, nice cham
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    What is your view on vivariums

    Don't think he wanted to start a fight about the true meaning of vivarium, Screen cages are my personal preference, great ventalation, good drainage and light penetration. Just watch humidity... Wood and glass are ok I used these wen I started as they were cheaper but must be completely...
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    Why hasn't he shed? Any help 

    Well because he is not eating as much now, sometimes nothing he isn't getting his substrate, and thought this could be the cause of the lack of shedding. I use a complete premium chameleon dusting powder, any recommendations of a new approach of dusting? I gutload my feeders with a drymix I...
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    Why hasn't he shed? Any help 

    He's 10and a half months, One of the things I was worrying about is because he's not eating as much he's not getting substrated regularly Should I be worried??? Please advise Aaron
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    Why hasn't he shed? Any help 

    Hi, I got my first Cham in April last year and he's awesome, had hum from a baby. Before Christmas I rehomed him to a much better vivarium with better lights live plants, he is happy in there but he hasn't shed his skin in over two months? He stopped eating as much but this happened a long...
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    my cham wont eat much!

    Where are u? I live in the uk and my Cham slowed right down feeding in the winter but people in Norway have told me theirs do also when the cold temperature comes...
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    How long does it take WC to get used to handling/hand feeding?

    Try getting them to feed from a cup, once u have achieved that then start putting the cup in empty and dropping your feeders in, eventually they should take them off u before u get chance to drop em. That's how I done it anyway, my Cham has never been big on handling, think they are all...
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    My chameleon scares me...

    Ok I will let u no how I goes over the next couple of weeks. Would the winter time affect his shedding, it seems to of been a little longer than usual. Thanks for the advice and any more will help? Aaron.
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