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    Hello, My husband used to volunteer at a local reptile rescue. The owner would give her reptiles an occasional soak in an all-natural soak to help with their health and any shedding issues. I remember she used green tea and vitamin C but I don't remember the other ingredients or ratios. I'm...
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    Monitoring system when out of town?

    Thank you!! I'll have to check out accurite as la crosse just would not work. Thanks so much!
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    Monitoring system when out of town?

    Hello, My fiance are going on our honeymoon from 7/1-7/18. We're coming back on 7/8 to check on the buddies. We're also having my brother in law come every other day and we showed him everything to take care of them. We have 2 panther chameleons and 1 eastern collared lizard. I'm mostly worried...
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    Abnormal bumps?

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    Abnormal bumps?

    So my 1 yr old male panther has been having several bumps on him. We noticed them a few months ago as little white bumps, one then 2-3 of them. Very small. But we took him to the vet just to be sure. The vet didnt really seem to know much about reptiles/chameleons though (His first comment was...
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    Prevent cham from eating parts of enclosure?

    Oh good to know it's typical! Thank you! So far it hasn't been any significant amount I just don't want to wait now that I've noticed this. I'll try and find a different feeding dish. I looked around for a while and the one I have is the perfect size for a perch as well but I'll keep looking...
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    Ambient Temps?

    Is there a difference between her basking spot and the rest of the enclosure? In my experience as long as they can move and regulate their own temperature. It also seems like each chameleon is different and prefers different temperatures. I usually base my temps on their color and mood. If she...
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    Prevent cham from eating parts of enclosure?

    Hello, I've started noticing that one of my chams (my 7-8 mos nosy mitsio panther) sometimes tries to eat parts of his enclosure. I've watched a lot of videos of nosy mitsios and I've seen this behavior in multiple of them. I'm not really sure what causes it. But other than that odd behavior...
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    My rule of thumb is always make sure your feeders are no bigger than the distance between their eyes. Once I see what kind of hunters my chams are I'll try different things/sizes. And they have definitely surprised me in the past. At the current size I would say you're fine if you supervise the...
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    Chameleon Coffee!

    Oh man! Why do they have to be in South America! Those are so cool!! I've seen the chameleon coffee at the San Diego Zoo as well. Very cool!! Chameleon t-shirts are my fav
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    Cham care in Washington?

    Hello all :) My husband and I are planning to move to Washington state, probably somewhere southwest. We've been looking around Vancouver area but we really have no idea where to go. But one thing really important to us is to go somewhere near a great exotic vet and preferably even reptile...
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    Have 2 chams, but still so many questions!

    Awesome!! Thank you so so much! Love figuring out the reason why to things :)
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    Please Send Good Vibes and Prayers to Amos

    Just saw this, but definitely praying for a speedy and well recovery! So glad for the updates. All the best
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    Have 2 chams, but still so many questions!

    Why these specific ones? Do you know if there's any studies that have been done on the effects of SO on reptiles? I'm so curious/ it just because they are more intense smells? I know their respiratory systems are more delicate than ours. Thanks though, this is super helpful!
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    White bumps??

    I hope your cham heals perfectly!! Keep us updated, I know how stressful it can be not being certain about their health. I actually had a similar question, my panther chameleon has started having white bumps as well. I'm not sure if it's the same thing yours had. We already had a routine checkup...
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