My husband used to volunteer at a local reptile rescue. The owner would give her reptiles an occasional soak in an all-natural soak to help with their health and any shedding issues. I remember she used green tea and vitamin C but I don't remember the other ingredients or ratios. I'm curious if this is safe and okay for my two panther chameleons and my eastern collared lizard. I know however that chams can get stressed with soaks as they are not natural for them whatsoever.

The reason I think this would be beneficial to my chams is because they haven't had a full shed in a bit. They have both had partial sheds (they are both adult chams about 18-24 months). My one cham, Clamps has viral papilloma and has developed several bumps over his body. These bumps consistently have shed on them, but don't seem to bother him at all. I have increased mistings as well as used shed-aid but nothing has helped. They have varied diets, dusting and gutloading so I know they are getting a nutritious diet.

I was thinking a warm soak with natural supplements could provide extra help. I've also read how dangerous soaks can be (beyond the stress factor) since they can easily drown. I was thinking of making a solution with green tea, vitamin c and shed aid and just misting them with that instead to give them that boost. Then maybe using a warm towel to rub against the areas that still haven't shed to help in a nonabrasive way. Any thoughts or experience with this? Thank you!


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It is perfectly normal for adults to have partial sheds. You are correct immersion in liquid is a stressful event for arboreal chameleons and can interfere with their normal temperature regulation and is a drowning risk. The best way to aide normal shedding is to provide a good diet with a variety of well gut loaded feeders, proper humidity and ample opportunity for hydration. In effect you manage shedding from the inside out. I know you aren't suggesting this but for the sake of discussion pulling a shed can cause pain and cause scarring.
You probably know this as well but papilloma virus is contagious so precautions should be taken to avoid cross contamination with your other reptiles.
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