Correct temps are important for thermoregulation, digestion, general metabolism and health/happiness.

One must monitor the temperature within the enclosure, both in the basking area and in the rest of the cage, both at night and during the day. There are inexpensive digital temp and humidity guages (with or without a probe) that will tell you the high and lows so that you can review what happened while you were away / asleep. A temp gun is a very useful tool as well.

What I believe are accurate ranges for ideal comfort are below (chameleons can survive outside these ranges, the ranges below are not the extreme ends of temp tolerance).

day basking spot up to 96.5F/36C (Non breeding females and Juveniles hottest spot should be kept at a lower temp, closer to 80F)
day mid-cage / ambient range 70-80F/21 -26C
night to a low of 60F/15.5C (Juveniles only down to 68F).

day basking spot 90F/32C (Non breeding females and Juvenile basking spot should be kept at a lower temp, closer to 80F/26C)
day mid-cage/ ambient range 70-80F /21 -26C
night to a low of 65F/18C
(juveniles only down to 68F)

Jacks / Jax / Chamaeleo jacksonii
basking 82F (75F for juvies)
Ambient temps in the low 70s
night 60F


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