Todays gutload

intended for the hissers and dubia
all mixed up coarse chopped with a mini food processor (not finely blended)

  • one medium carrot (in three chunks so it would fit in the little machine)
  • one tablespoon molasses
  • a big handful of fresh young spring dandelion leaves (about three medium plants worth)
  • half a previously squeezed lemon (not much liquid left and peel removed)
  • 2 dark outside leaves slightly wilted 5 day old romaine lettuce
  • 2 sprigs (maybe a dozen leaves each) of fresh picked lemon mint
  • a few compressed chunks of dried shredded alfalfa, somewhat pulled apart (so the little machine doesn't have to work hard)
  • squash seeds
  • several almonds
  • a few pieces of dried papaya
  • raisins
  • shredded dry coconut
  • a walnut
  • some brewers yeast powder
  • a little kelp powder
  • a little spirulina
  • a little bee pollen



  • a cooked yam
  • and a bit of garden chickweed
  • and for the hissers only, a few fall dead dry tree leaves too
fresh dandelion leaves
plus some dry mix, consisting of alfalfa, seeds, nuts, desiccated coconut, spirulina, brewers yeast, garlic powder, barley, hemp seed

For the roaches & crickets
-chopped carrot
-fresh dandelion leaves
-dried papaya
-plus some dry mix

the superworms got shaved carrot and some dandelion placed ontop of their normal mixed meal substrate

butterworms got a sliver of apple and a thin peel of carrot

isopods got same as roaches minus papaya, plus some pansy flower petals
Tuesday gutload
- 1 medium carrot (100 grams) chipped
- 3 dandelion plants (55 grams)
- some dry mix (25 grams) consisting largely of alfalfa, nuts, and seeds, along with some brewers yeast, and a few pinches of kelp powder and bee pollen
- kale
- apple

- sweet potato
- dandelion
- some dry mix

- yam
- romaine

- beet root tops (nub of the beet top and the greens)
- carrot
- dry mix

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