October Gutloads

what I fed the roaches and crickets. Pillbugs, snails, Supers and mealworms got similar fair.

First week October:
  • Apples (fresh from the tree)
  • Pear (fresh from the tree)
  • Cauliflower stems/leftovers (store bought and not something I would suggest offering often)
  • Carrot (locally grown)
  • Corn (locally grown)
  • Alfalfa hay (on its own)
  • Dry mix: Alfalfa hay, bee pollen (local), Spirulina powder (bought online), hazel nuts (locally grown)
Second week:
  • butternut squash (fresh from my garden) flesh and leaves
  • Pumpkin (pie type, not jack-o'lantern type) flesh and leaves (from my garden)
  • Apples (fresh from the tree)
  • Pear (fresh from the tree)
  • Carrots (locally grown)
  • Bits of Yam (cooked)
  • Romaine (store bought)
  • Dahlia flower petals (from my garden)
  • A dry mix consisting of: Alfalfa hay, spirulina, bee pollen, kelp powder, almonds, sunflower seeds, a dash of repashy C+, dry coconut meat, air dried dandelion, a couple oak tree leaves, dried cranberries
see comments for next weeks
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Third week October 12-18
-dandelion young leaves and a few flowers
-lemon mint
-a slightly shrivelled /old lemon (without peel)
-steamed sweet potato
-arugula and romaine

-remains of the mix from last week, plus a small amount of half eaten (bird leftovers) millet
Week four, Oct 19-25
-mixed pulp from juicing apples, pears and carrots with a bit of wheatgrass
-dandelion leaves
-acorn squash (flesh and seeds)
-dry alfalfa
oct 26- Halloween

dandelion leaves
dry alfalfa
fall oak tree leaves
pumpkin flesh and seeds
walnuts and hazel nuts

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