It just sometimes seems like there are an enormous number of ignorant [insert rude word here] people in the world. And as much as I can appreciate, on the one hand, that not everyone is like me, that a variety of perspectives is a good thing ... on the other hand....:mad:

Im normally very much against censorship. But even so, I really wish I had started this forum / website. Then I'd be in charge of the rules. In which case I'd add a new #1 rule: "no idiots or trolls allowed"
and there are at least 4 current members / trolls Id happily never hear from again!

I wonder if I'd be breaking any rules if I started listing members or linking to posts where my "idiot" meter is in the red zone? LOL:p


ha ha ha! good one Wykd.
But maybe I'd be better of just ignoring what bugs me, else I might break a few of those things LOL
oops, i hope i'm not one. I found myself too enraged not post on a certain thread that involved someone with NO knowledge of anything and an urge insult everyone. will stay well-away in future!
I certainly have a list of ignoramouses I would prefer to never hear from again, or at least give them a piece of my mind about how obnoxious, idiotic, and/or useless they are but I would also prefer to stay a member! On the other hand, I'm sure I'm on some people's black lists as well.

Unfortunately, a lot of the people that annoy me mean well but I find them dumb as bricks.
Haha I gotta agree. I hope I'm not one of those 4, I would feel like a total idiot posting this :( You just have to ignore and get past it all, it is their problem, not yours. Just learn to love you enemies :)
I'm here (TROLL) ing for more good information :<) and hope I am not one of the 4 ........ Thanks for taking the time to provide so much helpful and useful information!!!! When I am second guessing myself on anything chameleon related I often look back at your posts/blogs etc. and find them very helpful.

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