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Thanks to all of you who offered me advice around the first of the year. Here's the latest:
When Zulu wasn't eating anything much and showed interest in worms, my vet said to just feed him, and then we'd worry about nutrition. That worked -- he started eating on his own -- and then she consulted with a reptile vet (I think in Houston) who said he recommended roaches because they are higher in protein. So now I'm a roach breeder! LOL!

The trouble is, Zulu isn't interested. He tried 'em, and he apparently doesn't like 'em. Just to be sure, I offered him crickets as well and one wax worm. He let the crickets die and ate the wax worm. Hrrrumpf. Apparently, Zulu is a picky eater.

I'm wondering if I should be waiting him out? How long will it likely take?

I take him in the shower every day. While I take a bath, he sits on a bird stand and I let the water run. He has a choice whether to soak or not -- sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't. But it's part of our daily routine.

I have some silk flowers in there now. They seem to hang on to the moisture a little longer, so I'm hoping that means the humidity levels stay up between sprays.

He's been getting regular shots, twice a week, at the vets. He still very much has the infection and barely opens his mouth. Yes, she did culture the brown crud, and whatever she is giving him is supposed to fight that infection. it's being very resistant. I'm sorry, I don't know the names of the drugs she is giving. The Baytril didn't work so she quit that one. So there were two others, and one she recently quit because she was concerned about it affecting his organ functions. I'm honestly not sure what is working and what isn't, but he is better than he was when I first posted here.

The other good thing is that he has some use of his tongue. That is better than it was. I see him try to use it to nab a cricket on the side of his cage. He can't reach it, and it's so sad. I put his food in a dish. The crickets are small, and usually if he's going to eat them, he does it pretty quickly before they can escape. I mention this because he has to get right up to them to eat on his own as he doesn't have full use of his tongue.

Long post, but as always, more information seems to be more helpful to you all. I am gutloading the roaches and the crickets, and I've laid off the worms.

Thanks again for everything and any thoughts you may have. I'll try to post photos of his mouth soon.

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