Zulu starting to show some color


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My 5.5month old ambilobe is finally starting to show some color : )

hes supposed to be a blue bar, but his seem red? is this normal?

hes gotten some blue on his cheeks since this picture was taken. i cant wait until he get even more color : D
lol..he starting to color up...awsome:cool:

thats funny my chams name is Zulu and i was hoping for a red bar but he turned more blue/purplebar haha.

cant wait...thise bars are gonna pop deep red...i feel it:cool:
hahah i hope your right!

i hope the orange back round starts to come in more

here is a pic of his sire....or i think...hes name was on my receipt haha


damn...he is gonna turn out great either way

do you happpen to know if Screameleons will have more babies from that guy??

i might be intersted in a female to go with my male:rolleyes:
hahaha you can ask vince or farrah im sure they wont have any problem telling you

i got him from the ny reptile expo not off line so i cant be to sure : P

the sire's name is supernova
Wow that is a stunning sire. I am 100% little Zulu is going to be spectacular with a dad like that. Don't be too worried, sometimes they go through the strangest phases as they grow up. I have a nosy be that was completely light lemon yellow for a couple months and is now more and more turquoise, so they definitely go through changes as they mature.
He's going to be a gorgeous boy just like his dad..His colors will come in soon enough..you know what they say about patience..;)
He is looking good! Does not look like the friendliest cham though!!! Or he just does not like sitting on a yardstick having his picuture taken!!!
hahah nope, definitely not the friendliest, likes to keep to him self and hates being handled, runs away from my hand even when im offering him food!. thats why i nicked named him Mr.grumbyscales.
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