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What are you thoughts and opinions on the zoo med habba mist system.Would like to hear from some people that actually have experience with using this now or in the past.Thanks!
Run a search on habba mist from the search function on your browser. you should find plenty of info. I don't like to talk bad of products or manufacturers.
In my experience, it's really more of an automated drip system than a mister. I was unhappy with mine so I replaced it.
if your looking for a nice mister.. i always recomend mistking.. its never let me down.. fill a bucket.. and walk away
for about another 25$ more you can get a better system from say some place like LLL reptile. I believe they are selling a mr. mister system for $79 right now. That's a decent little set up.
Habba mist is loud when it goes off...
doesn't hold much water so you must refill it often.
it doesn't push out a lot of pressure like a mist king would...so you get more drips than spray

it has an adjustable timer where you can set the duration from 15 sec up to 60 sec and you can have it go off ever 1 2 4 or 6 hours if you want (i may be off on the times)

I don't think it is a horrible system but certainty not the best out there.

Mine broke in less than a year. I would not buy another one
I absolutely love my mistking set up and iv seen some very nice promist setups as well. Never used the habba but seeing i have never ever seen a post saying anything good about them i think you should pass on it and save up for a nicer set-up
The Habba Mist is loud. Very loud. It was loud enough that the vibrations seemed to annoy a few chameleons when I did have one. The mist really isnt a mist. It's a glorified dripper with a little pressure behind it pushing out the water. The reservoir for the water is small and required frequent changing. And mine also broke within a year.
There's several people that have had the same experiences with this. I wouldn't bother with it, but you may find an appropriate use for it. I can honestly say the Habba Mist was one of my least favorite purchases for my chameleons, but my Mist King is one of the best investments I have made.
I do not recommend the Habba Mist either. I've never used one because of all of the complaints on here.
new exo-terra high pressure misting system

first, let me say that even the crappiest system or leakiest dripper is better than letting your animal get under-hydrated. that being said, jmo, the zm habba mist is junk, its more like a powered dripper than a misting system. its noisey, and it vibrates, and like an earlier poster said, it can actually stress out, some of the more easily stressed chams. it all depends on what you want , how much cash you have to spend, and how many animals or future husbandry plans you have. if you are looking for a setup that should be better than a habba mist, but is a little more plug and play, and a little more compact than a full blown mist king or similar, then the new exo-terra rs-400 monsoon is worth having a look at. http://www.reptilesupply.com/product.php?products_id=3052 its basically like a miniature mist king. its got a hp pump and programmable digital timer with display, all built into the res. comes with 2 miniature nozzles (expandable to 6) and plug&play miniature plumbing. i should say, i have yet to see one work, but it looks to be a step up from zm habbamist. the price ( $110) is approaching that of a mist king basic system, but i expect price will drop in the coming months. if you are the cautious type, you might want to until some reviews/youtube vids come out, or, if you have the $, and you need something now , then you cant go wrong with a real mist king , its an established product with a proven track history. jmo
mist king or aqua zamp are much better options, the pressure is deff a huge diff but id say the best thing about the good ones is they run dry and dont burn up. the cheapoes willburn up.
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