Your First Chameleon

Your First Chameleon

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What chameleon species did you bring home first? If your particular species is not listed, please let us know your general location and which species was your first.
Mine was a WC Montium adult male that lived for 2 years with me. Knowing what I know now, I was very very lucky! I would never claim that I was doing everything right, because I certainly wasn't, but it worked somehow.
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HI my first was a pair of quadricornis and was my favorite. i had them for many years.died when i got a poisoned batch of crickets killed every thing i had.
My first was a female bevicaudatus that I was told was a male...she died, possibly from being eggbound.
My first was a Female Fischer Multi. I purchased her as a WC from a local reptile store in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Still my favourite.
My first was a veild that I saw at a pet store and I could not leave without him... It was good ol Dave or the cell phone bill... Lets just say that Dave did not turned off for a month :D hehehehe
My first chameleon was a female veiled chameleon named Chloe. I swear the person that sold her to me sold her to me right out of the egg for $40.00

Oh well it started a hobby gone wild!

- FL Chams
My first chameleons were a pair of 3 month of veileds given to me by a pet shop that was going out of business. They both had MBD and both pulled through to be happy, healthy chameleons :)
My first was an adult male WC Senegal. He did quite well with me in spite of my lack of experience.
This was back in the days when "everyone" told me I was foolish to buy a chameleon because if I was lucky it would live two weeks.
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My first cham is a juvenile Senegal he/she's doing well; I don’t if he/she is WC or CB. In the beginning I was close to give up, I though it was too hard to keep, but know! I can’t stop to watch him and enjoy every little thing he/she do. I’m from Panama Republic - Central America:)
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My first was a veiled cham. When we first got her and I took a look at her and new I had to have more. I got another veiled and a panther after her. I would have a whole house full if I had a bigger house.:D

the frist cham I got was a jackson from a pet store I work at when I was 16 . It was a female and she had A huge cage i build . It look really bad but she did good for a year there . then sold as a pair to these guy who buged me at the store for them . afther that got into panthers . but cant belive how every thing has canged . there is alot more info and better supplies . and there cool things like these to converse with every one .have good day jeremy Elder
My first ever chameleon was a wild caught Fischer. He lived with me for over 3 years. My second one was a Veiled that lived with me for over 5 years.
To this day they are my favourite chameleon species.
Fischer first, followed by Veiled.
I have kept many more species but my first two chameleons were the most special and the most loved.
first chameleon

Our first chameleon was a beautiful Ambanja panther named Larry. We had Larry for about 2 years. One day I saw this thing sticking out of him and did not know what it was. It went away. I later realized that it was a prolapsed hemepenis. Larry would not eat and kept getting sicker. We took him to our vet who specializes in exotics. She said the tissue had died and she had to castrate him. Larry had a lot of infection. We gave him a lot of baytril shots, we tried to save him but he did not make it. I was devastated. I did a lot of research on chameleons after that my husband bought me a lot of books to read. So after a lot of research we purchased some veiled chameleons that was almost 4 years ago. My female chameleons have successfullylaid 3 clutches of eggs. I wish I had done more research before we purchased Larry and maybe I would have known what to look for. My husband asked me one day can I purchase a chameleon. I said I do not even know what a chameleon looks like. He said it is a little lizard. I said that sounds gross. Larry was only 3 months old when I picked him up at the post office.I thought he was the cutest little thing I had ever seen. I guess he will always have a special place in my heart. I have tears now thinking about it.

heres a pic of my first chameleon i got about a month ago. his name is pablo and hes a veieled. i like panthers but ive decided to breed veileds so if ny one know where i can find interesting morphs let me know

I got my first veiled chameleon about 8 months ago and i got him around 4 inches total and now hes 8 inches s to v its amazing i love him and hes doing very well. i will hopefully breed him but i gotta get a female first and hopefully soon
my first chameleon was a veiled named Corey. She was all that I wanted for my birthday. I worked for an exotics vet and the first chameleon that I saw was an egg bound female that was being brought in to be euthanized bc the owners didn't want to do anything else. As dumb as it sounds I fell in love with their mitten feet. Corey died after spending 4 days in the hospital from an impaction. Then came Mr. Hermie. I'm not sure that I'll do another one after him to be honest. I love them but either there's something that I do wrong or I have bad luck because hermie had MBD very seriously but I'll always love the species!
My first Chameleon was a c.b Veiled, She was sold to me too small and with an eye infections and later she got a respitory infection. I recently brought her back to the store where i got her and i now have a c.b. male veiled who is larger and healthy.
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