Your Chameleon love/hate foods are..........


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My little girl (1.5 yo jackson's) is just recovering from a bad mouth infection that affected the accuracy of her tongue but she's adapting by getting closer to the food before shooting at it. She seems to prefer crickets over the silkies even though the silkies are easier to catch. She'll also eat meal worms, supers, and wax worms on occasion. She doesn't like to go down toward the bottom of the cage and the worms, other than the silkies that will stay put anywhere you stick them, don't seem to stay up on the screen or on the branches so she tends not to see them. She won't eat out of the cup or dish to save her life.


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10 month old male Panther:

LOVES: Silkworms, hornworms, superworms

HATES: crickets

MILD INTEREST: Butterworms, waxworms


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Each chameleon of mine seems to have a different dislike, but they all agree on the favourites:
  • Stick insects,
  • isopods,
  • silkworms,
  • cabbage loopers.
Hisser Roaches, crickets, hornworms, butterworms, moths,mealworms and waxworms are second place finishers.
Most of them also like zophobas (superworms /kingworms), but not all.
Most of them also like Turkistan Roaches, but not all.
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