Your Chameleon love/hate foods are..........


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Hi everybody,
List what insects your Chameleon "will die for" and those insects that he/she ignores or simply refuses to eat.(unless totally starved)

My Male Veil:

1. LOVES: Both small and giant Mealworms and Waxworms.

2. HATES: Crickets and Hornworms.

3. ONLY MILD INTEREST: Silkworms and Butterworms.

My male Veiled thinks waxworms are wonderful (fed very sparingly) and loves silkworms and then crickets. He hates mealworms and superworms. My Oustalet eats crickets and silkworms, but he is new and I am not sure what he "loves" yet!
I got some house flys yesterday and when I woke up this morning a few had come out of there shells so I put them into the cages... LoL! I dont think I have ever see a cham move that fast! They arnt starving at the least, but damn... I guess they just love the flys :)
My brevs:

LOVE crickets, houseflies (have only had a couple), moths (ditto), sowbugs

DON'T LIKE silkworms

My 2 veileds will eat anything that moves. I feed them superworms, wild caught moths, lobster roaches, occasional wax worms, occasional june bugs, and crickets and neither one of them have ever refused anything.

My 2 panthers are slightly more picky. They will eat crickets, superworms only if I hand feed them and wax worms only if I hand feed them. They will not touch roaches or moths.

I have only fed my pygmies roaches and crickets so far (i haven't had them long) but so far, they eat those eagerly.
Lily's favourite is newly shed Morio/Superworms. She also loves locusts and crickets. She's also quite partial to the occasional waxworm or newly shed mealworm. The only things she's not too keen on are silkworms and calciworms/grubs.
Crickets and Kale.

He is still a bit little so I havent tried hornworms or superworms yet, and the breeder I got him from told me to stay away from mealworms.

He didn't like collard greens, pepper skin or pepper.

trying mustard greens now.
It's always odd to hear people saying their chams hate hornworms or silkworms. That's like offering someone lobster or kobe beef steak and having him turn it down. I would love to hear someone say that their cham hates locusts, I think that would be a first. Or my cham will only eat the rare turn bug of madagascar and only during it's second molt of the 3rd season, but the second rainy season of the first month. Other than that he will not eat anything.

My cham hates superworms, go figure. I don't understand it myself.
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Loves: crickets, superworms, moths, butterworms, waxworms

mild interest: roaches, silkworms, beetles

Hates: Hornworms, flies,


Loves: Flies, Crickets, Silkworms. Hornworms, moths

Mild interest: Roaches, superworms, waxworms, beetles

I have an oothica incubating so ill see how they like the mantids
Male Panther
house flies

mild interest in (sometimes won't eat, especially if fed recently):

barely likes :
phoenix (too small now anyways)
I haven't introduced too much of a variety (my bad) but my veileds and my ambilobe
LOVE: supers and silkies ( only the females, male is not adventurous )
LIKE: crickets, their staple

My ambilobe is 5 months old and will go for the smaller supers and silkies in a minute.

They like to hunt their crickets, and everything else is fed in a dish. Male likes everything in a dish, but I believe he has bad eyesight because of the compact bulb he grew up with. He can't see well enough to shoot things far away, only in a cup.
SANCHO (Male Red-Bar Panther)
1. LOVES: Giant Superworms.
2. HATES: Crickets and Hornworms.

WITCHY (Female Veiled)
1.) LOVES: Anything that moves in her cage including my finger :(
2.) HATES: I don't believe she has ever turned down any type of food
My female veiled Germaine (6 months) loves her crickets, supers, silkies and kale. She just ignores mealworms and any other vegetation. She absolutely hates hornworms, tries to run away when she sees them.

My male veiled Jermaine (I know...:eek:) (6 weeks) I'm not really sure about. Ignores mealworms and will strike at the pinhead crickets, but spits them back out once he's chewed them, I don't think he likes the legs. I'm going to try him on fruit flies, but they won't be in until next Monday. He better start to eat something before then.
My panther eats everything what moves, but not a big dubia fan right now.... but her favorite are wax and superworms!
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