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Hi All,

I will be at the Florida International Reptile Show in Clearwater, Florida this next weekend (April 22/23)! I have been graciously invited by Mike from FLChams to come down and help him at his vendor table there, plus bring the few Ankaramy babies I have left to sell as well.

It was very nice of Mike to extend this invitation to me! I will be able to experience a Florida show (I have yet to attend any, since I live in Maryland), meet Mike in person, as well as some other breeders that are there, and also meet any of you that happen to be in the area or have plans to go to the show.

You can find me at the FLChams vendor table, so come meet me if you have a chance! I'd love to see you :).
I will be there as well. Not as a vendor though. I already have a hotel room and everything :). Should be a lot of fun and great show to attend.
daytona is awesome went last year and bought 2male veiled chameleons 2 bearded dragons and 15 turtles. one of my male died to was a great chameleon any way had it for 7 month and didn't grow, the other male is a nice 16 inches all ready and breed with my female that gave me the eggs. hope to see you there then
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