Yosemite Fires!

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I received some concerning messages about my proximity to the fires that are going on around Yosemite. They are close however my family and I are about an hour away from where these fires are located. On my way to Sonora I took some pictures of the fire and the communities response to them and the effort that is going on.




These fires are natural and happen in our area a couple times a decade. The problems is when they rage out of control with the people trying to control them and when they come close to homes and cities. Then they are a huge problem and a concern to populated areas. The city of Sonora is great and has been showing a lot of support to the fire fighters fighting this fire. The fire fighter have done a great job. Thanks Fire Fighters Your the Best!!! I would buy you guys a beer.
I haven't checked the news in a couple days.
Is it under control yet?
How much damage?

When I woke this morning the wind had shifted during the night and the smoke made our home town area look as though it was fog. This is even when we are located about an hours drive away. Last I checked they have got the fire 20% contained and it is seventh of the top ten biggest fires in California ever. It is kind of amazing as much of Yosemite has recently been burned through and this fire is burning through a burn area again in the north western part of the park.

The blaze has destroyed 111 buildings, including 31 residences, having spread across 281 square miles. The northern end of this fire though is coming close to some sizable cities.
I was in Reno this weekend and the visibility horrible, everything was hazy. It was smoke from the fires down south. It was probably better on the lungs to stay inside and breathe the cigarette smoke than all the crap outside....lol.
I keep looking at the fire and it is so awful, I love Yosemite! I hope you, your family, and the olive orchards are all ok. My thoughts are with you. Be safe.
It is the 5th largest fire in California all time and over 200,000 acres burned. From the city of Sonora you can spot the fire just a couple of ridge lines away from the city.
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