US [WTS] Red eyed crocodile skink $100

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Looking to move a red eyed crocodile skink out to make room for more chams and cham babies!

Approximately 8-10 months old, believe it to be female. We bought it for my son who swore up and down he wanted this... and I've cared for it since day one. Eats crickets, BSFL, mealworms (rarely) and red worms.

I can and have handled her a few times. She bit my son once or twice, but that's mostly due to his inexperience. Don't really know much outside the basic husbandry and care... it's a skink, nocturnal, looks cool and that's about it.

Retail for $2-250. Looking to get $100 + shipping obo. Funds go to supporting my current, future and baby chams as well as the animals I have and will "rescue".


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