help with lighting? seriously struggling


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I purchased a red eye crocodile skink today. He's a baby so I only purchased a 20 gallon long tank so the height in there is only 12 inches. Im seriously struggling with the temps and need some help! I have a basking area and the light on the top. Ive tried almost every bulb but nothing to fit between 80-85 degrees. My house sits at a comfy 68 degrees but thats too cold for the croc skink. The basking spot is about 10 inches from the bulb. I tried LED's 40w-100w regular house bulbs but most i was able to achieve was 72 with the 100 watt. I then tried an actual heat bulb 75 watt and that got up in the 90s (but also didnt leave it that long so who knows how hot that wouldve got). Then tried 60w reptile basking bulb and thats getting up o 88 (again took it down before it got any hotter). Will 40watt be too strong too? Idk where else to ask this question as this is the only active reptile forum i have found lol and I already have an account here because of my cham so thought I would ask. Any help would be appreciated thanks so much!

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