basking bulb wattage and amount of food?


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Hi i was wondering what wattage basking bulb my 8 month old jackson chameleon should have and how many feeders he should be having, should i start feeding him every other day now?

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Determining the best wattage for basking bulbs is always a matter of trial & error, as there are so many variables—ambient temperature, enclosure type, distance, angle, etc.

I would start with 75W but have lower & higher wattages handy in case.
The best bulbs for basking are (in order of preference):
  1. Household incandescent bulb (not LED)
  2. Incandescent flood light (not LED and not spot light)
  3. Halogen flood light (not spot light)
A clamp light fixture works well for basking lights.

Basking lamps are best installed/mounted at an angle to produce a temperature gradient rather than a hot-spot.
(Temperatures for a Jackson's will likely be lower—see care sheet(s).
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