Wrong Multivitamin


Ok so after a lot of research, I found out my Exo Terra multivitamin doesn’t have vitamin A, yet, it HAS vitamin D3.
What can I do?
I was suggested to get Vitamin A capsules and put a small drop on a cricket but how often should I do this? Twice a month?
Should I continue using this multivitamin AND the capsules of Vit A, and cut a bit the use of the calcium + D3
Should I give him Vit A until his tongue shoots perfectly, and switch to another multivitamin without D3?


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you need to ditch the exoterra sup , the vitamin a caps shouldn't be used that often . its okay to use it a couple times just to get a small boost of vitamin a but its hard to say to only use it once or twice a month because no one really know how much is to much . I would use the gel capsules maybe once a month only for a couple months then switch to a multivitamin that has performed vitamin a .
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