Worried about she being egg-bound


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At my college we take care of a 5 year old female veiled chameleon. She has not eaten for 3 days and seems very lethargic and swollen, she is drooling, seems dehydrated, and I saw her opening her mouth alot.
She is not digging, she is in fact very lethargic. Can anyone help? thanks.
Sounds like it could be an URI (upper respitory infection). I would find a way to get her to the vet ASAP. A open mouth can be taken a couple different ways. Some will open their mouths as a pre warning for defense. Others do when the get to hot as the evaporating saliva will cool the incoming air and thus cool the core of the animal. They can also do it because mucus built up in their nose making it hard to breath. That accompied by the mucus (probably the drooling) makes me think it is some sort of respitory infection. I guess that could complicate the egg laying too. I think a vet would be best to advise you on medication and the egg laying.
Unfortunately we had to put her to sleep. Apparently she had eaten some vermiculate and created a blockage. Thank you for you responses. I am very sad but for the future, these posts are a great reference.
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