Worried About Milton. Help?


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When I got my little veiled cham, he was bright green a week ago. I'm not sure if his skin is just dry, or if he's getting ready to shed or what, but his feet are brown and he's got brown stripes running through him now, and his skin seems just a little crackly, and he's got orange coloring around his eyes. He is also practically attached to one particular vine all the time, and doesn't seem to want to get out and climb when I move it closer to the edge of his temporary terrarium.

When I let him climb up some things, I do pluck him off when he gets almost too high up and I put him down to climb up again. Could part of it be that he is getting a notion he's not allowed to climb at all? And as for the crackling and coloring, is that just the look of the skin, and am I just worrying way too much? :confused:

This picture of him is one I took just now before I turned off his light for bedtime.


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Thank you jannb. =] I'm just a worried pet momma I guess; He was so sweet today and didn't hiss or puff up at me at all. I think he was just way too tired to climb yesterday by the time I was able to let him out for a while. The info was helpful, thanks again! :D
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