worried about eggbound need help ASAP!


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i posted this hear because 1.) i need advice ASAP! and 2.) because im sacred of her getting eggbound. My Female Veiled Chameleon has been show signs the she wants to lay eggs but im not quite sure on what to to. People say try sand(which i will get tomarrow) but for now i have her in a five gallon aquarium with some sifted peat moss hopefully to simulate finer materials such as sand. i moistened it slightly (im not quite sure how much to put in) i put a large piece of cork bark in on its side to simulate a cave, a vine of leaves , and a heat lamp. However she dosent seem to take interest in it. i need advice ASAP! please tell me if you think that there is anything wrong with this set up!
Well, what you have posted here is rather vague. What signs? How old is she? Why did you put her in a 5 gallon tank? Why are you worried she is egg bound? If she is not trying to dig in her plants or in the moss then perhaps she is not ready to lay just yet.

Perhaps fill out the how to ask for help form.
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