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Couldn't resist the $99 price tag on LLL Blue Bar Ambilobe babies. Just placed my order w next day air express Fed Ex from Cali to Cleveland. As if I dont have enough anxiety, now I patiently wait to see how he arrives in this busy holiday shipping winter cold. Also LLL has clearly stated there is no guarantee on the animal since I live in a cold region and anything could have to do with the temps.I have read so much positive feedback on them lately and was assured that this should be no problem. Shipping Monday for Tuesday morning pick up Only time will tell now.
It'll be fine.
I'm sure LLL knows how to ship things properly.

I just had Pygmys and Melleri shipped to me in -15*C weather, and had one hell of an issue getting them (long story) and they arrived fine.
i saw them today. i might pick up one of those instead of a baby veiled. one of their retail stores in only like 45 minutes away from me, so il probably go pick it up :)
I ordered my Veiled from LLL reptile which i got on Wednesday. The high here was 30 and the low was 15. I was very worried all day. The Fed Ex guys truck broke down so instead of him getting here by 12 which was the original time scheduled he got here at 6 at night. It was about 20 when he got here so i was very nervous when I opened it. They had packed two heat packs that were still warm. He was OK! LLL Reptile has always been very good shipping to me during freezing weather especially. If you do order from there, they'll make sure everything works out in the best. goodluck!
Just got .my female amabja panther today from Jim at the chameleon company. I live in michigan and when she arrived it was around 25 degrees. She was in great shape. He guarantee the chameleon even when the lows are in the teens. As long as it is package right and there is no delays it should be fine. I don't understand why more companys do not guarantee there amimals. With it package right their should be no reason for the animals to parish.
that was my only concern was why no guarantee. Oh well it's their business policy. I couldn't see how you wouldn't want to amend any issues with a customer no matter what circumstance is as long as customer has had no fault in the transaction. I opted for pick up at nearest express hold spot by the airport. So hopefully it gets there prompt and they are packing 2 heat packs i was told.
let me know how they look when he comes in take pictures if possible im really trying to get a male panther for my brother for christmas and am on kind of a budget. im not having to much luck so its coming down to one other breeder and then the same one you got from LLL i just really want a male so id have to cross my fingers and hope i get one but let me know how they look. how old do you think they are from the picture?
their sale ends sunday and it only runs as long as they're still available. So with that in mind The soonest I can post pics will be the Tuesday on arrival date. Which indeed I will post a few pictures. I was told they are 3 inches and really to young to sex , never asked when they hatched. I prefer a male as well since I am not a breeder and would rather have the display of the bright colors but I will care for a female with as much attention if ends up a she.
They should be able to sex babies with about 95 % accuracy. Its not that hard. A few males will not show a bulge but 9 out of 10 are easy to sex right out of the egg.
I did specify I wanted a male and one of the nice ladies I placed the order with said she would note that I preferred a male, just again she had to make it clear no guarantee on that part either but they'll do their best to satisfy my order I'd imagine.
I ordered a male and i got one. The chameleon i got is somewhere around a month and a half i've figured. He is small and he was fine through the cold weather. They'll package it right depending on your weather, but it doesn't make since why they don't do a guarantee. Just be faithful, everything will work out!
I ordered a male and i got one. The chameleon i got is somewhere around a month and a half i've figured. He is small and he was fine through the cold weather. They'll package it right depending on your weather, but it doesn't make since why they don't do a guarantee. Just be faithful, everything will work out!

For the price they sell them compared to others, being a little younger than others sell them and the fact that the employees probably do not breed panthers would be the reasons I would think they do not guarantee sex. Personally I do not find sexing them all that hard but even some who breed them have troubles.

If I were to get a panther I would go with another company just because knowing the lineage if you want to breed. Besides that, a random pick of the litter for 99$ is worth it as long as the animal is healthy.
Yea no doubt, I really have been holding out for an Ambanja from Vince at Sceamelons for my 1st Panther but none have been available.Even considered Kilgour's Chameleons since they're located localyl some what to me . LLL was an Impulse buy i know that's for sure , and they really weren't on my list so I hope Im not disappointed in the end. I really had a hard decision even with the $99 tag TBH since I have been holding out so well already .Shouldnt be to much to expect smooth shipping and to receive a perfectly Healthy Male Ambliobe id hope. I prefer reputable breeder but I think my wants and price got the best of me this time. Maybe it'll sway my decision to buy live or recommend them in future purchases who knows. They seem to be the only ones I can find with available Uroplatus right now as well. Still looking for breeder for them though!
You shouldn't have anything to worry about. LLL has a very good reputation and they will know how to properly ship to send to you. Good luck on getting your little one and be sure to update us!
I have seen some really nice CB panthers come from LLL and ones to turn out amazing!!! They actually buy large quantities from breeders and even "reputable" breeders. Some do say their animals suck but I would assume they are talking about the wild caughts which no matter where you get a WC its always a gamble. Its just the name of the game. Im sure you will get a nice healthy cham from them.

As for Uroplatus..........
No I haven't getting a little upset too. I called LLL yesterday to verify shipping was today ! They assured me yes he was in packing center now shipping overnight and Ill receive a tracking number. Well I never get a tracking number I call fed ex, Nothing has ever been shipped out they said. Package never left california. So why No call from LLL . I have no gurantee no receipt no record I even bought the animal other than I used credit card. So hes either lost in Mail in California or I dont know what. Can't reach LLL since Its 7am here and probably 4 am there. I knew something like this would happen never again this is a Joke. I hope everything works out. I dont know what to do.
great, he's probably lost in the mail, Fed EX says LLL printed out Shipping Labels but its not moving and they dont know the tracking numbers LLL has them which I cant contact yet. So anything could have happened. Frustrating to say the least, as of now this will be my last attempt to have any transactions with LLL reptile.
It was hard enough to get any sleep knowing I was going to pick him up first thing in the morning from express hold location. Ive been so excited , rushed around worked my butt off switching terrariums moving shelves for the past 2 days in ordering new bulbs running from city to city for the right tube 5.0s for the new Panther all for what? nothing. Just to be let down as usual and I still might be held responsible for whatever is happening. I really don't like that Ideal don't seem fair to customers at all. I pay I even call to check up on order the day its suppose to be shipped and I call the day of. Like how should I get screwed out of this. I just hope its a simple mix up and chameleon was never lost and on way or something good, which is never the case for me. This is my luck and basically anticipated today to be full of anxiety and bad day. Which it has started already as predicted. I just wait for LLL to call me or Open now is all I can do.... 5 more hours great
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