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I currently have 8 brev eggs that appear very healthy. I live in northern California, where the climate is as unpredictable as the babes!:cool: So far i have been a good keeper and maintained my eggs at 75 degrees F in the day and 70 degrees F at night. The only problem is that I am breaking my back to keep these eggs this way! Moreover, blazing 3 digit heat is just around the corner and i live in a household with no air-conditioning.:mad: In an attempt to protect these precious gems from the heat, i took Roo's advice and purchased an electric wine cellar. The only problem was i had a difficult time finding one that was able to safely maintain a higher temperature of 75 degrees F. Many of these cellars have a disclaimer telling you that it is unsafe for the machine to operate at temperatures exceeding 64 degrees, and some just plain could not reach this temperature all together. So after doing some research, i dropped 120 bucks on a Haier "Thermo Electric Wine Cellar". The reason i chose this was that it didn't have a digital temperature gauge; it had an analog gauge that allowed for "High" and "low" temps, that in the instruction manual, were supposedly a gradient of any desired temp. Now i know these cellars are not able to warm themselves, but i found that the one i purchased cannot exceed 64 degrees F. Is there something i can do to make this device reach my desired temp of 75 degrees F? If not, should i keep looking for a new one that will? If its 110 degrees during the summer and the health of my eggs are compromised, could they be placed within the 64 degree F temp of this cellar, or would that still be cold for them? Also one more thing, do these cellars provide adequate circulation for the eggs, or can they suffocate them and compromise their development? I know this may seem like a lot of question, but my brevs have done their part and blessed me with many eggs. I want to do EVERYTHING i can to ensure that i can produce a new generation. Thanks,

I and other use this - the temps fluctuate a bit but its fine IMO and I put a digital temp gauge inside it to check highs and lows each week. It has no problem keeping temps in 70's since it has a heating element as well as a cooling one. I set it for 71 (I think) and the hi/low each week is 74/63 which is fine ... since the eggs are in containers they probably don’t actually get down to 63. Keep in mind that the 63 temp only lasts for a short time and is a result of the cooling unit kicking on - so temps that low do happen but only for short period. For the most part the average sustained temps are in the low 70's.

I personally wouldnt want brev eggs go down below 60F for any length of time but a night and there probably would be fine - not totally sure though. The cellar proabably would be ok ... I would be more concerned with mold and stuff (depends on the cellar) then air flow issues.

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