Will this sup. rotation work for my Jacksons?


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I have an 8 month old Jackson's that I picked up a little over a week ago. I have been reading a lot about supplementation, but everyone seems to have different opinions and it seems like Jackson's have a different requirement. I was hoping someone could tell me if this is too much, or not enough.

Repashy Calcium Plus 2 x's a week.
Rep-Cal Herptivite once a month
Rep-Cal Calcium w/ D3 once a month

I have him set up in an 18x18x36 screen enclosure, a new Reptisun 10.0 bulb, a repti-fogger that runs pretty much all day on 1 side of the cage, a basking spot that reaches about 82-83 degrees (He is in a temp controlled room that stays at 74 degrees, drops to 65-68 at night) and a dripper for about an hour a day. I mist 1-2 x's per day. I feed him every other day. He is eating crickets, but I am in the midst of setting up a dubia colony and have access to super worms and wax worms which I plan on rotating in on occasion as well.

Any input would be appreciated.

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Jackson's don't need as much supplementation as other species, so the schedule you outlined is too much.

The Repashy Calcium plus has calcium, multivitamins, and vitamin D3 in it already, so you do not need any additional vitamin-added calciums if you're using that. However, you will need a PLAIN calcium, one that does not contain vitamins or phosphorous.

So you want to do the plain calcium 1-2 times weekly
And the Calcium Plus once a month
What brand of plain calcium would you recommend? I could not find a calcium without D3 in my local big box pet store yesterday.
Yea, they don't usually carry them, that's the kind of thing you'd have to order online from a reptile supply store like LLLReptile. I like Repashy brand everything, personally, so I order their Supercal noD, which is their version of a plain calcium.
Very cool, Thank you! I am also a fan of Repashy, so I will get some of their non D3 calcium sups.
Yeah, Jackson don't require as much supplements; they don't grow as fast as a specie like Veileds do, which is why Veiled's are more prone to MBD and Jacksons not so much; Jacksons are however prone to vitamin A deficiency and mouth infections which is why it is important to feed your feeders foods high in vitamin A and C.

I'm one of those keepers who feels that supplementation is emphasized far to much over gut loading. Gut loading is a much safer way of making sure your chams get all it needs just as it would in nature.....that being said, as someone else mentioned the calcium 2x week is important..... along with the D3 your cham is being kept inside....
BrianD, have you looked at the caresheet for Jacksons yet? If not here is the link and it talks about supplements in it.


Calcium and other vitamins are very important to your chameleon's health. Feeder insects should be lightly dusted with powdered supplement before being fed to your chameleon. As a montane species (native to higher altitudes) Jackson's have decreased supplementation requirements compared to tropical species due to metabolism differences. Use calcium (without D3 or phosphorus) twice a week, a multivitamin once a month, and calcium with D3 once a month
Thank you for the replies. I did read the care sheet here on Jacksons. It seemed there was so much other info I came across while reading through other threads that I was just trying to have the most up to date info/opinions as possible as I know in many forums care sheets can be out of date (not saying these ones are, I never looked for a post date while reading them). As far as the Repashy question, I was unsure if D3 was included in the formula hence my original reason for thinking I could possibly use it as a staple supplement with the others being once a month or so. I have lined up some Repashy calcium w/o D3 which I will use for my staple. As for gut loading, I will have no problem once I begin breeding my own roaches but the crix I tend to just purchase as needed. I guess I will need to find out what my local pet store is feeding them to be sure they are healthy.
Once you buy your crix from the store, you need to gut load them regardless of what the pet store feeds them, for about 24-48 hours prior to feeding them to your chams, as i do. :up:
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