Female Jackson's Chameleon, with white raised spot on eye and chest, any ideas?


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White spots on eye and chest only arrived a couple days ago, I have only had her for just under a month, I do not have any reliable vets with experience with chameleons anywhere around me, so I am hoping to find some ideas and possible treatments (If possible).
She is very active, climbing all over her terrarium, I have no artificial decor in her habitat which is a 2x2x4
daytime temps go no higher than 74 degrees and humidity 50-55%, with basking lamp only on for 30 minutes when lights turn on, then the basking lamp turns on again midday for 30 minutes as well, then off the rest of the day
night time temps get between 55-60 degrees, with fogger only turning on at night time. 12 hours daytime and night time cycles.
she is fed 5-6 Dubia roaches and/or crickets ( wont eat worms for some reason) lightly powdered calcium with no D3 and bee pollen with every meal.

hopefully these pictures show enough, I am praying it is not Papilloma, if any more info is needed please let me know and I greatly appreciate anyone's time and knowledge

Thank You!


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Looks like it might be a papilloma.
Thank you for the response! I was really hoping someone would tell me anything other than Papilloma lol, This will be my first time dealing with this virus out of all the Chameleons I have had...
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