"Wild" Chameleon Found In South Florida Neighborhood


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Hi, everyone, I'm new to this site and this seemed like the best place to come for help. I live in South Florida on Marco Island ( Near Naples) and just today found a wild chameleon trying to cross the road on my way home from work. When I saw it I couldnt beleive it! He/she was in a residential type neighborhood with no local habitat around and recently we've have had a ton of bad weather and flooding recently from Tropical Storm Sally so maybe he was displaced or flooded down here, etc. Regardless I picked him/her up. My boys (2,5, & 6) of course are super excited as was I to find him in the "wild", but I know they are not the best starter reptiles! I'm looking for someone local who is knowledgeable and can provide him a good home. Please let me know if you know anyone in the South Florida Area who may be interested whom you could recommend as I good home.

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