Chameleon refusing to eat crickets


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Any tips on getting a Cham to eat his cricket or why he won’t eat them?!?!? I have a year old Veiled Chameleon, his normal diet is generally just 8-10 crickets every day (I know they aren’t suppose to eat everyday at this age but it’s the diet his vet wants him on for now cause he had an intestinal parasite that wasn’t allowing him to gain weight so we are in the process of fating him up) and once or twice a month Wax worms has a treat. The pass week he has been refusing to eat his crickets though. Literally when I go to feed him he runs away so I tried leaving his crickets in the feeding cup in his enclosure and not hand feed to see if that was the issue cause sometimes he doesn’t like to be hand fed but he won’t even go near the cup. I’ve tried taking a cricket and letting it run to see if maybe he just wants to hunt cause he gets in those moods too but when the cricket gets near him he runs away from it. I offered him wax worms to see if he just didn’t have an appetite or just didn’t want crickets and he ate the worms no problem after he ate a worm I offered him a cricket and he immediately started to walk off I offered him another wax worm and he quickly turned back around to eat it. I’ve only gotten him to eat at most this week 3 crickets. I did recently go on vacation and had a friend who is well acquainted with chams babysit him I trust that he was in the best care but ever since picking him back up is when he started to refuse to eat his crickets but he ate perfectly fine while I was gone my friend FaceTimed me for each feeding?????? Could the stress of him moving around to different houses be making him not want to eat or did my friend have better crickets than I do and he don’t want the ones he has home? Is it something I should be worried about? Idk… help please I don’t wanna take him to the vet again if it’s not necessary😭


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With Chams you always want to have a pet sitter come in to care for them in their home and in their enclosures where they are used to everything. The stress of moving back and forth can cause issues for them.
Are the crickets size appropriate? Sometimes if they are too large they will not eat them.

What parasite did he have? Have you had multiple clean fecals come back since treatment?

Can you post a pic of the enclosure and of the cham?


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Was your chameleon eating just crickets at the sitter’s place or waxworks too? Could the sitter have been giving him only waxworms?
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