Why doesn't Cham poop stink?

Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by Brodybreaux25, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Brodybreaux25

    Brodybreaux25 Member

    Pretty straight forward, Why doesn't Cham poop stink?
  2. McClouds

    McClouds Member

    well its Because of the Fractal Chamber located in the lower Portion of the Crystal Vortex , aka it Strips and Food and only Leaves unwanted needs , Chams are Colorless as well BTW , when they change colors they are just changing The way they Reflect Light
  3. jamest0o0

    jamest0o0 Chameleon Enthusiast

    My Cham poop smells sometimes, not unbearable, but it's there
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  4. nightanole

    nightanole Chameleon Enthusiast

    You want it to stink? Ok all you have to do is "break the bag" and leave it on a nice warm rock for a few hours...
  5. JacksJill

    JacksJill Chameleon Enthusiast

    Why are you smelling your cham's poo???:confused:
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  6. Jake24

    Jake24 New Member

    A bit off topic but chameleons aren't colourless... Everything shows colour by reflecting certain wavelengths of light, that's why stuff has different colours, so chameleons still have colour it just changes. If I changed the way a red piece of plastic reflected light then it could change colour too, chameleons just do it to themselves :)
  7. Brodybreaux25

    Brodybreaux25 Member

    I think Mclouds is either high or trying to be funny
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  8. Brodybreaux25

    Brodybreaux25 Member

    I'm no
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  9. jamest0o0

    jamest0o0 Chameleon Enthusiast

    Why does my chams poop taste different than my cats?
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  10. JacksJill

    JacksJill Chameleon Enthusiast

    Sorry, I just couldn't resist messing with you. You are right bearded dragon poo can knock you down from 10 paces away.
    Seriously, animals that use feces to mark their territory or use bacterial digestion tend to have stinky poo. Idk why chams poo doesn't.
  11. Brodybreaux25

    Brodybreaux25 Member

    I guess the correct question is why do chams produce "the bag?"
  12. TCMontium

    TCMontium Member

    I never heard of a "bag" covering the chameleon feces. What is the scientific term? Or at least is there any threads/articles about this?
  13. nightanole

    nightanole Chameleon Enthusiast

    I have no idea what the outside coating/membrane of the pellet is called. If you just put cham poop in water, it stays poop. If you damage the coating/membrane, it spreads everywhere like tea leaves.
  14. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    Stinky poop is a sign of parasites.
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  15. moonlightecho

    moonlightecho New Member

    I'm thinking it might be way the species evolved to avoid attracting predators? I doubt there's much maneuverability in the trees if they're being hunted by a predator, so they might try to lower their chances of getting noticed in the first place.
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