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How about a thread that has nothing to do with the chameleons, but rather those who keep them?
Several other forums I participate on have done this and I remember doing it here a few months ago but there are lots of new faces to be discovered.
It's kind of nice to put a face with some of the people we share info, stories and questions with.
I propose we try it again.I'll start with this recent picture of my niece Piper and I on the carousel. :)



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My name is Danny I'm 24 years old I live in Michigan. I work as a LAN Administrator. I got my first reptile a female leopard gecko when she was a baby 4 years ago. I just purchased a male leopard gecko and a male veiled chameleon a few days ago. I plan on breeding the two leos if possible however the first encounter they had was a battle royale no one got hurt but, I kind of scared to let them check each other out again.

My female beat his butt even tho the male is larger.:eek:
Chun Yee Poh from Malaysia

Hopefully after posting this picture, no one will kick my @$$ when they see me walking down the street.:D. Below is a picture of me at Grand Canyon 2 months ago!


My Name is Chun Yee, Poh; 24 years old. I am from Malaysia. I have been in the States for almost 5 years now; finishing my undegraduate and graduate study in Biotechnology. Now, I am working on my second Master in Public Health. I got my very first Veiled Chameleon when i was 21 years old. Now, have tons of chameleon.:p...Yeah is addicing!
Alright, I'll play. Unfortunately, we don't have any good pictures of me that are even slightly recent. So, here's a more recent picture, and way too much of a closeup. ...I think he was trying to give me a kiss :eek:

Here I am! It is hard to take a picture of yourself! :) That plus any picture of me resembles Jabba the Hut or Grimace! :)
[/IMG]Here we are, the Renos, I'm the one in black, I am extremely outnumbered here as you can all see... My Daughter to my left has a lung and digestive disease called Cystic Fibrosis, which we raise money for every year, our first year we raised about $500.00 when she has 2 years old... she just turned 7 on the 13th and we raised $22,442.78 this year... each year we exceed our goal and keep growing more and more.. Its great to be a part of a really cool community here and Im glad you all finally get the chance to meet me... hahaa If anyone would like any more info on Anna and her disease or to check out her website and be a part of her Army, go to www.annas-army.com thanks and see ya around!
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Hey guys, what a neat post! I'm Jon, a single 23 year old living in south louisiana. I own two businesses and in my little bit of free time love reading info on here.


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this is me in Dublin about 3 weeks ago. I'm 33 years old, I went to The School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago, for film, video and new media. Focusing on motion graphics. Now I'm a Freelance set dresser/swing crew for movies and t.v. I've always been fasctinated with nature and love wildlife documentaries like B.B.C.s Planet Earth series. several months ago somone gave me a male jackson, cause they had no idea of how to take care of it. He was in rough shape when i got him and he eventually died..... but "I caught the bug!" so to speak. since then i have obsessivly been researching cham care and have plans for building a sweet new habitat for a veiled in the near future. I'm also into dart frogs, but i havn't owned any yet, though i do have a sic enclosure ready and waiting. Oh, and somday i'd like to have a 100 gal saltwater reeftank.


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