Who has the most to say?

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Sssshhhh................ SILENCE.......... its nice to be able to hear the crickets chirp around hear every once in awhile......


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I do try to help when I can but right now I've been busy at work and it gets very depressing sometimes to see all the sick and dying chams. :(
You are often helpful. There are a lot of really helpful and knowledgable people on this forum. Its great!
I too feel what you say about how depressing some of the threads are.


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People sitting with so many posts a day are just normaly posting something like "your chameleon is sooo beautiful!" to every picture of a chameleon posted in and with every thread. How do you manage to do that!?
That's the way to earn many rep points ;) Unfortunately most of those pics are often so bad, I would blush with shame if I'd post them


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*post post post* Hehehehe. I used to have it as my home page, but with a quick type of a c on the address bar, this is the first result to pop up. :D
haha, thats the same with mine! and just in case pressing the c is too difficult, I made a tab I can click that will take me here :)


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worth the read

I was by no means puting her down. I dont care who post what when or how much as long as its helpful...she islucky that she has the amount of time on her hands to bring up her post count. When i said some people have no life outside of cham forums that was neither a compliment or insult to anyone for that matter. It is some of the members lifes work to study and posttheir findings on here...i wishi could be so educated and lucky to do that......unfortunately i have a seapereat life that i have to attend to...if it werent for that i would be right up there with the best of them posting researching cataloging my observations etc....as to why i receaved an infraction on my opinions is beyond me. which iswhy iposted no disrespect at the beginning of my comment cause i know that i do not always say or type the way i want it to sound...so for anyone who feels like i have dised pssh there was no dissing at all.....i feel that she in my opinion was showing herself and others how easy it is to be a top poster with little to no effert. i also beleave it is not pointless to comment on all pic posts. people like compliments and what better way to get them than to give them. pleaase pardon my spacing....this laptop hates me lol...
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