Who can guess what kind of cham this is hatching?

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I've seen a lot of these threads and always find them fun. If you know me well and we talk DO NOT PARTICIPATE since you will know from talking to me what this is.

Let's see who gets this first.


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The answer is ( Chamaeleo Trioceros wiedersheimi perreti ) or a Peacock Chameleon. Notice the female with her back bent while she's pushing out the eggs. It looks as she's laying them almost flat on the surface but her body is actually in the hole. I kind of took the picture at a wierd angle.


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I would have guessed deremensis with the pointed snout. That would be a great idea for a contest. How many were in that clutch?

I had no idea what it was. I did notice the dark colored line that extended from the mouth to the front leg, but was unable to make any use out of that info. Great pics :)
Love that pic of the female. :D Not sure where I heard this, but someone once told me that they have extremely slow growth rates. True?
How exciting! It was fun to take a guess at it. I think it would be neat to have a contest too. Congratulations!!!!
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