Which misting system?


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After a lot of hand misting, I'm going to install a misting system for my veiled and panther. I'm looking at both the MistKing starter kit and the new Exoterra rainfall kit. Since I'm new to misting systems, I'm hoping someone can clear up a couple questions before I put down the money for one.

My veiled is free ranged and my panther is housed just below him (most of his free range is on top of bookshelves) in a screen cage. I want a system than can mist both the free range and the panther's cage. I know both systems are capable of running more than one nozzle, but what extra parts would I need with the MistKing system in order to mist both chams?

How much can I adjust the spray with the MistKing nozzles? Since it will run on a free range, and above my book shelves, I don't want too much water dripping down. There are plenty of live plants to catch much of the water, and I assume it is very adjustable with what it costs. Just curious.


i would say go with a mistking. you can not adjust the spray of the nozzles(to my knowledge) but you can control how long the system is on down to the second to get the amount of water you need.


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I don't know anything about the exoterra.

I really like my mistking. It is over engineered which is a definite plus. The mistking set up has a zip drip valve which will prevent dripping from the nozzles. I would be concerned running any misting system near bookshelves (presumably full of stuff you don't want wet.

The timer for the mistking is also really nice. You can set it to come on for a few minutes several times a day.


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I have a mist king however, before you decide check out the aquazamp system.I purchased a rain dome to add to my system both systems are easy to add more nozzles. Each system uses a reverse osmosis type booster pump, so it is up to you which one you go with. Bottom line is functionality and customer service.


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Id go with mistking 100% martys a great guy will help you out if you need it. and the systems are much better IMO

aquazamp is also a great one so ihear! i just wouldnt go with the big name like exoterra(cheap stuff imo)
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I personally have a misttking for my 4 quad cages and for them, they are them best.

Yet my panthers seemed to love drippers far more and if you are going to install one on a panther cage I would try an aquazamp. That rain maker is like a auto dripper to the max and it still makes a drop of mist inside the cage to add humidity. Yet with an extra nozzle or two you can mist your free range without issue or use the rain maker to keep the mist in a specific zone and not get your books wet.

Just some thoughts.

i wouldnt trade my MistKing for anything, it is an awsome piece of equiptment, and i would deffinately use one on any big setup or multiple set ups. not going to lie though, this exo-terra mist system does look pretty sweet, and already can tell that it destroys hubba mist lol. if anyone ends up getting one, please let me know. i would like to run nozzles in my crested gecko and retf tank.


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Here is a question about the mistking. Looking on the website, do i have to order the seconds timer to have it run automatically a few times a day and have to turn it on manually without it? or is that just an upgraded timer?


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Timer is part of the ultimate system. Not part of the starter. We're hard at work to build the $99 system which will include a timer. I've been delaying it a little bit, but I'm thinking 2-3 more weeks.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, I try very hard to make sure everyone is well taken care of....pre or post sale.


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Thanks for the reply. Maybe i'll wait then. I prob wont have my cham for at least that long anyway. and if it still is not available.. Its not a big deal to hand mist for a few months.
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