Which misting system?


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Hey guys,

I am thinking of getting either the Zoo med habba mist or the Exo Terra monsoon misting system.

Which system would you guys recommend?

Also, I have a Zoo Med reptifogger but I cant get the humidity past 80% even when the terrarium is thick with fog. (dont worry, no chameleon is in it when it is this thick) ;)

Is it possible that my hygrometer is broken? (it was super cheap and i bought it for testing purposes)

BTW, i do not have a chameleon yet :eek:

The zoo med is crap from what I've read, I haven't looked into the exo terra though. The mistking and the aquazamp seem the to be the quality misters that everyone prefers but I've yet to find a side by side comparison of the two. I'm in the market for a mister myself but can't decide between the mk or the az.
I love my new mistking, but I previously had a monsoon. They are worlds apart, but if you have 1 or 2 Chams a monsoon would work. Dont get me wrong if you have the money get the mistking. I used a separate timer for the monsoon, from home depot. I don't trust the monsoons, but I had a prob with my first monsoon and they sent me a brand new one and I had it for a year with no problems.
I like the AZ with the low profile raindome. You can take the 2 nozzles out and use them as standard misters if you dont want rain.
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