where do i buy my new cage and stand


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Hi everyone,

My blue bar ambilobe is10 months old and I think it's time to get his bigger permanent cage, and i also need a stand. What size should I get the cage. Im plan to attend the anahiem show, can I get a great deal there.

Most of the cages I see on the net are home made. Is there another option for cham single and multi cages.

Hey Everything I was looking for cages and found this web site. The setups are amazing


tell met what you think?


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I like the DIY approach much better, they are cheaper custom and this website has all teh pictures and ideas you need to set up the best enclosure for your animals, you just have to find them.... look under enclosures to find what folks in here have done, and give it a whirl... you may just find yourself a new hobby..
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